"Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what is for lunch" -Orson Welles

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I’m really sorry that there that have been no recent posts. I have been really busy and haven’t had time to work on a post. I promise that as soon as I have time I will write a new post! If you have a specific request for a food that you want to learn more about or just want other readers to know, just post a comment with the food or meal you would like me to write about!

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The Food Pyramid


What and how we eat is based on the food pyramid. What is the food pyramid? The food pyramid is one way for people to understand how to eat healthy, and what they need to eat daily. There are five colors: orange, green, red, yellow, blue and purple. Each color stands for something different.
Green- vegetables
Red- fruit
Yellow- fats and oils
Blue- milk and dairy products
purple- meat, beans, fish and nuts
For each color, you need to eat a certain amount each day to keep a healthy diet. The U.S. Department of Agriculture changed the food pyramid in 2005, wanting to show Americans how to eat healthier. The department then made a new pyramid for kids, showing them how important it is to be healthy and active every day. The pyramid also shows that its important to eat a variety of foods and not just one thing every day such as doughnuts or hamburgers. Many people wonder how much they need to eat and when. This is different for everyone, judging your weight, height and your gender.

Here is the food pyramid for adults

This is the food pyramid for kids

Here is the food pyramid for athletes

Above are the three food pyramids, (top to bottom), adults, kids and athletes. The food pyramid is specially important for athletes like myself, because in order to stay healthy you need a lot of protein and good health for your body during any sports season.
Whats one serving?
“Be sure to eat at least the lowest number of serving from the five major food groups listed.” says
Milk, Yogurt and Cheese
1 cup of milk or yogurt
1.5 ounces of natural cheese
2 ounces of process cheese
Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs and Nuts
2-3 ounces of cooked lean meat, poultry or fish.
1/2 cup of cooked dry beans, 1 egg or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter count as 1 ounce of lean meat
For more, click here!

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Carlos Bakery


Most of you have probably heard of Carlos Bakery, if not, Carlos Bakery is one of the most well known T.V. shows on TLC called Cake Boss. Buddy Valastro, owner of Carlos Bakery, father of four children, husband to Lisa Valastro and son to Mary Valastro (3rd generation baker) is the owner of Carlos Bakery and the head of reality show Cake Boss. Carlos Bakery is on 95 Washington Street,  Hoboken, New Jersey. Last Thursday, I went with my friend ( to Carlos Bakery to see what is was like. We have been watching the show and badly wanted to go.  You can spot Carlos Bakery from the line heading out the doors and the bright red and gold lettering.

As you can see, the bright lettering of the sign catched the eye of many pedestrians.

As you can see, the bright lettering of the sign catches the eye of many pedestrians.

What made Carlos Bakery famous is their amazing detailed cakes, fabulous tasting pastries,cupcakes etc. and their T.V. show. You would think that their food wouldn’t be very great, but their food is amazing. The cake was wonderful and the hard work and details spent to every cupcake and every cake was amazing.

Beleive it or not, this is a cake!

Believe it or not, this is a cake!

This cake was made for a zoo when they inherited a new specimen, this cake showed how big the animal was. Down by the trunk of the the animal, a caveman is standing, showing just how big this animal was.

A Little History

Carlos Bakery was founded in 1910 by Carlo Guastaferro, across from the town hall in Hoboken, New Jersey. Buddy Valastro JR. is currently the owner and fourth generation baker of Carlos Bakery. Buddy has help from his four sisters, Grace, Lisa, Mary and Maddelena who are married to his three brother in laws Joey, Danny, Maro and ex- husband- Remy Gonzolez, who was fired from Carlos Bake Shop soon after he was arrested. Here are the current workers: (I copied and pasted off of Wikipedia.)


  • Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro The star of the series, he is the only son and the youngest child of Bartolo “Buddy” Sr. and Mary Valastro.[6]
  • Mauro “Chef Mario” Castano, Buddy’s right-hand man, and the husband of Buddy’s sister Maddalena.
  • Danny Dragone, employee and close family friend.
  • Frank “Frankie” Amato Jr., Buddy’s first cousin, and the godfather to his son Marco.
  • Joey Faugno, the husband of Buddy’s oldest sister Grace.
  • Grace Faugno (née Valastro) Buddy’s oldest sister and Joey’s wife.
  • Maddalena Castano (née Valastro)Buddy’s second oldest sister and Mauro’s wife.
  • Mary Sciarrone (née Valastro)[6] Buddy’s middle sister.
  • Lisa Valastro Buddy’s youngest sister and the ex-wife of Remigio “Remy” Gonzalez. On the Cake Boss episode “Mother’s Day, Mama and Mom-to-be”, Lisa gives birth to her and Remy’s daughter, Isabella.
  • Anthony “Cousin Anthony” Bellifemine, a cousin, who started as a delivery boy, and later became a baker.
  • Lisa Valastro (née Belgiovine), Buddy’s wife.
  • Ralph “Ralphie Boy” Attanasia III, a bakery sculptor.
  • Dana Herbert, Buddy’s intern (winner of Season 1 of Next Great Baker).
  • Maurizio Belgiovine The new delivery boy of the bakery who is Lisa Valastro’s younger brother and replaced Cousin Anthony in exchange so he can start baking.[6]


  • Mary Valastro Pinto, Buddy’s mother. A show regular until her 2010 retirement.
  • Remigio “Remy” Gonzalez, Buddy’s former left-hand man and the ex-husband of Buddy’s sister Lisa. Remy’s first and only child, daughter Isabella, was born on the Cake Boss episode “Mother’s Day, Mama and Mom-to-be”.
  • Salvatore “Sal” Picinich (1947[7] – January 30, 2011[8][9][10]) Started working at the bakery in 1964 and is one of Buddy’s most trusted employees. Picinich stopped appearing on the show at the end of 2009, when he began battling cancer, but returned in the summer of 2010 to accept the Employee of the Century Award on the occasion of the bakery’s 100th anniversary.[9]
  • Kevin “Stretch” Krand, a delivery boy
  • Tony “Tone-Tone” Albanese, Buddy’s second intern.

Buddy Valastro, 33, has four children, the oldest, Sofia is 7, Buddy 6 and Marco 3. Lisa gave birth to baby Carlo Salvatore on
February 14th at 5:11 PM.
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Food poisoning


Food poisoning occurs when you swallow food or water with bacteria in it. Food poisoning can affect anybody or anything that ate the same piece of food or shared it. Here are some ways that the food you are eating can get contaminated:

•Meat and poultry can come intact with germs and bacteria from the animal it is being processed from.

•Water that is taken from lakes or oceans and filtered, can have human or animal waste.

•Other people may handle the food before you eat it.

Often food poisoning occurs from these nine things:

•Someone else who has handled or prepared your food and has not washed or cleaned their hands properly.

•Food prepared by cooking utensils, cutting boards and other food gadgets that are not fully clean.

•Dairy and meant products that haven’t been in the refrigerator at all or not in the refrigerator for a long time.

•Frozen or refrigerated foods that were not cooked properly or stored the right way.

•Ray fish or sea food.

•Fruits and vegetables that haven’t been cleaned right or not washed at all.

•Raw vegetable or fruit juices and dairy (look for the word “pasteurized”)

•Undercooked meat, fish or eggs.

•Water from a well, stream or a city source that hasn’t been filtered.

Elders and babies have the highest risk for food poisoning. You are also at risk if you have

•Serious medical disease such as diabetes, kidney disease or a weakened heart.

•A bad immune system

•Some where outside of the USA where there is exposure to organisms that cause food poisoning.

If you have ever been to Vermont or live there, here is a link so you can check your favorite restaurant rating out.


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Food poisoning chart:

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Pirozhki is a traditional Russian bread roll that can be filled with various filling such as meat, mushroom, rice and onion stuffing. While I was visiting Russia, we had pirozki. It was really good and had a feel of a traditional Russian food, a wonderful taste. A common pirozki is made with yeast and glazed over with egg to make the golden glow on the top of the roll. Pirozki is often filled with fruits like apples, cherries, apricots and chopped lemon. Fun fact: pirozki is spelled three different ways; piroshki, pirozki, and pyrizhky. Pirozkis’ can be filled with other things such as a vegetable filling, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, onions and egg, cabbage; meat or fish; an oatmeal filling mixed with meat or giblets.


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Weird and Exotic Food: Irish Soda Bread


You may have heard of Irish Soda Bread if you are a descendant from Ireland. Irish Soda Bread is a round loaf made with buttermilk and soda it also contains Raisins and Caraway seeds. In the process if being made, soda bread uses baking soda instead of yeast. Irish soda bread is very yummy here’s a video;


Irish soda bread is usually served with Irish dishes such as cabbage beef, hearty stews, and mutton and leek soup. It is also commonly munched upon with fresh butter, and homemade jam.

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Weird and exotic food: Fried Ice Cream


What is fried ice cream? Fried Ice Cream is thought of a Mexican dessert, but it is not on the Mexican cuisine, instead it is more of an American dessert. It may seem impossible to “fry” ice cream but, you would be surprised about how you make it. Here’s a quick video:

Sounds good right? Ive had it once and I plan to have it more. If Fried Ice Cream is on the menu, I would order that and not the chocolate sundaes where you can buy anywhere that sells ice cream. If the video isn’t working for you or you aren’t a big fan of reading directions off of something that is constantly changing, Here is a good site for making your own Fried Ice Cream.

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Traditions From Other Countries


Many countries have different traditions for eating. For example, in America, we usually eat sandwiches. But in India, people usually eat roti, curry, vegetables, and rice. Each country has its own special reason for what they eat. In Great Britain, (Great Britain consists of three countries Scotland, Wales, and England) scones, crumpets, and biscuits are very common. In China, grain is the main food, in South China, they eat rice daily. In North China, natives usually eat wheat. In Australia, red meat or beef is extremely popular as is lamb and pork. In Russia, pelmeni is eaten.

Now that you have a little idea of what people eat in other countries, what do you usually eat for holidays, dinner, lunch, and or breakfast! Comment!

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Russian Pelmei

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Tea Time


What is Tea Time? Tea Time can be any meal of the day depending on the countries customs. Tea is mostly popular in Great Britain where Tea Time is a common and almost daily ritual. In Africa, Tea Time is now most common in high-end hotels, restaurants, and cafés.  In Kenya, tea is grown locally and called chai. Chai is served with milk, scalding hot and is very sweet. In Brazil, tea or tea time is called café-da-tarde meaning afternoon breakfast. It is natural for Brazilians to have homemade cake and coffee with their “afternoon breakfast”. A lot of countries drink tea. More countries then you would think refer to tea time as a regular meal.

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Vegetarians and Vegans. Whats the difference?


Many people wonder if there is a difference between vegetarians and vegans. There is a huge difference, lets review:

Vegetarian: Someone who eats everything but meat. Vegetarians don’t get much protein because of their strict diet.

Vegan: Someone who doesn’t eat any animal products.

As you can see, the difference between Vegans and Vegetarians  is very big. Being a Vegan or a Vegetarian is hard to get the protein you need. Without protein, you can get very weak as the day goes by. Is there more people that do something somewhat like Vegans and Vegetarians do? Yes there is, Fruitarianism is where people will only harvest the fruit or vegetable if it has fallen off there original growing place because they think that picking it off the stem of branch is basically killing the fruit or vegetable.

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